Bloody Fool

by Graham Patzner

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    This is the second album of the Graham Patzner Trilogy.

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This is the 2nd album of the Graham Patzner Trilogy


released July 7, 2009



all rights reserved


Graham Patzner Oakland

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Track Name: Goin' Wrong Again
That charred black body saw me outside his pen.
Barking like a puppy, preaching against my sins.
He handed me a noose to strangle his crispy neck.
"That fire'll kill ya! like it done me in"

I prayed to the lord to love me like a child
and he struck me down into that heartless land OOO

I'm goin' wrong again.

Now I let him out just to see where he might go.
He took off on a stroll right down to the parking lot.
Keyin' every car in sight all drunk with rage.
Gave me the key saying,
"looky, looky what you done here".

I don't mean to hurt you baby, let me be.
Despite these words I'm letting loose
you know i'm something mor.-- goin' wrong again.
Track Name: Mindy Miles
Mindy Miles where'd you go?
We got touched by the salt.
The Soapy water lept up
with a shout.
I suppose you have eyes
to break out our lies.
The fool's in trouble,
Mindy Miles, stare him down.

We left her stranded on the side of the road
my heart's grown tired and she pointed
to the west.
My my Mindy, won't you let it be?
"When I can't see the road, i can't see me."

The bitter won't lie, they just wanna fly
Mindy Miles was right I'm afraid to die.

How long we stood there with our heads in our hands.
The lamb was shaking, I could see it in your arms.
"Whoa now Mindy, let that silence roll!"
"I can't tell you that I need my home"

The bitter won't lie, they just wanna fly
Mindy Miles was right I'm afraid to die.

Mindy only wants to feel the rise.
She can't take that tide when it's down, down, down.
Come on Mindy fill up the sky.
With that lonesome goodbye.

The bitter won't lie, they just wanna fly
Mindy Miles was right I'm afraid to die.
Track Name: Vladamir
The Fields took a violent rain.
On the hills the windmill broke down.
And in the separate rooms we sleep,
both of us have drowned.
O Vladamir!

You took a hold tightly on the boss,
because the way it ripples in your throat,
and turns you red as your tongue, sippin' on the burn.


We charged through the storm, while the ladies went to bed.
May they be at rest.
Their goal in love is barred by their velvet gowns
they cannot give away.


We spent so long in this rut
and everyone else is sailing lightly through the storm
all calm above the waves.

Check your pulse while you sleep,
what you fail to do dies like an apple on a tree
connected to your eyes.


These days are yours to hold like your fervent tears.
Don't let them slip away.
The headlights on your wheels have the devil's eyes,
but you're grinning just the same.

Track Name: The Apparition in the Courtyard
The yard opened up at the sound in the air,
anticipating the day.
A white form passes through.
to watch in the hidden shade.
Waiting, still, alert.

A bell woke me up and i lay in my bed,
afraid to face her smile.
Luring me into the yard.
Approach her fairness and curls.
That fall on my chest.

Apparition rinse my eyes, partly lost.

I couldn't understand what was going on, and it probably fires you up.
But I'll hold you in my arms
And my head that spins and sweats.
Is naked to your glow.

You are my saviour
but i will not last.
You are my saviour.
But I must move on.
Track Name: Blind Saint
Won't you let me understand you
won't you let me in your glow?
I got no more than just this piece of a weary broken soul
I'm a- wanderin like a blind saint
I pissed on all my fortunes,
but it wasn't for a cause.
I threw myself into dark
just to feel how far I'd dive.

I'm a- wanderin like a blind saint.
Track Name: Granite Dreams
Pilfered oil hide dreams on the road to the motel.
At night I'm milking the comedy's bruised nipple.
A hurricane blitzes on the thick headed quarterback.
Hits like air on my night stick and
the boss of right
held me wrong like a trash can
heard me kicking inside.
I've been known to lure companion's into a safety net.
Where I handle my truths on sourdough, thoughtless middle.
The comic cackles a deformed hyena on the dyed red stage.
Hacked up hopes on the cross, pray for doubt if you must, heal yourself in the dust where you
and cuss.

How did this get so important you liar?!
Injecting me in the face like I'm some kind of lab rat.
All hell is denied once I'm in the rat trap
if i get to the center I will melt or burst.
If I kill the origin I'll be done-de- done done.
Track Name: Deary Golly
Your backyard is Paris,
and your hatred is hope
that somewhere a prophet is singing your steps.
The body you forked and fed to the pigs
is the body that shivers,
stinging your steps.
I Won't brag for free will.
I won't take a stand.

True morning lover, feel me inside,
some parts a stirrin' a garbage of lies
the bride to this feeling won't walk down the aisle
She hears the bus leaving,
she tears off her gown.

It's too late for this love.
My bark's better than my bite.
Track Name: Madness
lay in the bed of pines,
needles against your spine
and the fire above your body,
coming down through the trees

You're finally parting
from the greyness of your state
you can shelter your heart
cause your madness craves an escape.

Rain is fallin' through your open eyes
So put on a veil in disguise.

You're finally parting
from the greyness of your state
you can shelter your heart
cause your madness craves an escape.