if i had balls

by Graham Patzner

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released December 12, 2008

Violin, Piano, Trumpet, guitar, Vocals, Lyrics, production by Graham Patzner



all rights reserved


Graham Patzner Oakland

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Track Name: All The Ways
Baby you're soft. Baby you're hard as a pillow.
Won't you get off?
So I can walk right towards the door

All the ways that you make me wanna stay
Right before we go.

The tick in the clock
made it's way 5 times around the block
just to get out.
Save 1 more for me honey, please!

Still I'm wonderin' where will I go,
once I get away from this mess?
And the ache comes, so hard,
I can barely breathe.

All the ways that you make me wanna stay
Right before we go.
Track Name: Don't Lock Me In, Love
She took off her dress and got me in bed.
The Fire was dimming and the hallway was quivering.
She swayed.
She swayed.
She was locked in a trance, her arms moved like vines
shaking from rainfall that flooded the room.
She embraced herself.
And swam to my arms with peace in her heart.
She said, "All is made of tears"
and she whispered, "from nothing."

She took the ring off her finger
she said, "All is forgiven. Don't you think the world of me?"
she had one last reminder, one last plea:
"Let me be calm in the hall of thee."

But my song left the room and starved in the cracks
of a road that's strained for years from nowhere.
from nothing.

Don't lock me in, Love.
Track Name: Where do you get the Nerve?
Read on the plaque,
oh no.
we're pulling back.
Find a way in. No way in.

Pull out a pen,
what do you want from me?
Draw out a line to show that we separate.
You don't need this any more than me.
We don't need this any more than you.
She said she's alright with being alone.
You/I don't need this any more than he.

Walk in the cave to create a mistake,
a populist fraction of nothing to say.
Drag right of the bag and put a bow on the bed.
Saying the love would take you but it's all in your head.

Find a way in. No way in.
Find a way in. Still waiting.
Track Name: The Bell Tolls
Belonging to no one, she never had a second guess
as a world spun around.
she took a second chance looking back on love,
with no one home.
But now the trial's over, another tale told in reverse.
The Knife left the body so long ago
but now the stage is set.
Her lies would only tell you she cared about her past.
and her whole future would just fade to black.
Who said we believe in this?
No one even asked.

The shocks rolled into her veins
and lonely the days are now.

And 'lo how the bell it tolls.
A long way from where it came.
Track Name: Feet on the Ground, Head in the Sky
Head over hillside, heart beating slow.

Here the sun is sinking, soul to soul we cry.

Save one last kiss
Here we are the simple ones
Wrapped up in little knots trying to avoid our fate.

The bird in your head won't fly so slow
once you are caught in the web.
The Darkest of nights won't lay you still,
belonging to nobody's pill.

Save one last kiss
Here we are the simple ones
Wrapped up in little knots trying to avoid our fate.

I won't
I won't celebrate your great mistake.

So we depart from ourselves.
Only time will tell.
Track Name: Final Days
The company is wearing thin.
No one left to dress you up.
All the lights been taken down.
No one's here to tell you what to do.
There's no way out of here.

Draw the line to make it fit.
Cross it over, you're too bold to try.
Trust me
Everything is all around you now
I've been dreaming.

There's no way out of here.
Track Name: Washed Up
By now you'll see: I'm afraid to be so much like you.
So important everything you do.
Was it fear that drove your heartache?
The bridge is broke.
No one crossing cause the water's high.
Floods your dreams out to just hang to dry.
Soaked your mind up in the mush.

The stars align, don't you feel it sometimes deep inside?
Or have you walked right past that open field.
Looking back on your own lonely life?
A cut in your side, a cut in your side.
I'll see right through you.
One eyed Buck's on the run.
Smells of whiskey baking in the sun.
Wakes up cold in the waning of the moon.
Note to self: I spoke too soon.

He builds up his eye with the blood of the sky.
And he's fixed on his lies.
Come on, let a new day rise.

Wind blown sails stretch for miles.
One Eyed Buck's underneath
Screaming, God won't you let me be?

And he stole every dime
from the courageous lot
had his suits tailor made
but not an eye for the new day to rise.

One eyed Buck's on the news
making his own goal to misuse.
Quit your kickin in the cold
One eyed Buck's on fire
with desire.
Track Name: This Won't Last
Must overcome the shame that flows in back of your mind
through the days.
Love that was never found, or in a drought
lies beneath your soaking feet.

Oh and I swear
I swear this won't last.

Destiny won't report this talking game
Once you're gone you won't be the same.
Now as your perfect eyes lean to mine
world dissolves into light.

I swear this Won't last.
I won't see straight now cause you done me
ya ya done me
you done me so wrong.

Put on your innocence it's getting so cold out there
and remember to make love before the fall.